Holly's Cupcake Bouquet 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

Holly's Cupcake Bouquet 501(c)(3) is a nonprofit organization that continues Holly Dunwoody's heartfelt legacy of providing wigs and initial haircuts, free of cost, to women going through cancer treatment that cannot afford them.  A cancer diagnosis can be financially devastating and the additional cost of a wig and haircut can be out of reach for many.   

Holly always bought flowers to celebrate her birthday.  My daughter brought home beautiful raspberry colored flowers in July 2017 (on what would have been Holly's 55th birthday) and together with hydrangea from my backyard, we created a beautiful arrangement.  Campers at The Art of Cake Studio Summer Camp made Cupcake Bouquets in those colors that week.  The reaction from parents, Facebook and friends was overwhelming.  It occurred to me that I could sell these bouquets to raise money and continue the work Holly had begun.  Holly's Cupcake Bouquet 501(c)(3) was created.

Holly E. Dunwoody - 1962-2017


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